"Emergent Church": Wednesday's Word Of The Week

The Lutheran Lexicon
The Emergent Church is a loose affiliation of individuals, churches and organizations of many different theological outlooks.  The beginnings of this movement grew out of a desire to reach those who share a postmodern worldview, and who thus might be resistant to truth claimes such as those found in the Bible.  

While their emphasis and focus of ministering to the post-modern culture is commendable, many within the group have down-played doctrine and have opened up doors to heresy and relativism.  There is also a strong thread of liberation theology (to learn more about liberation theology, please note its definition in the Lutheran Lexicon) present within their teachings.  Due to their unwillingness to take a doctrinal stand, the role of the pastor becomes more that of a conversation facilitator rather than a herald of Good news... the gospel.

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