The Way That A Thing Is - Is

The way that a thing is - is. The way that a thing is not - it is not. And so, a person can attempt to change a thing to what it is not and perhaps be successful in doing so. However, the so-called successful change has only been made within a Gnostic mind or an ethereal theory - not in reality.

The net result of these Gnostic games is two-fold. First, the Gnostic mind and ethereal theory must avoid and even oppose real things to protect their change. Second, this avoidance creates an alternative Gnostic worldview/universe unhinged from reality. Alas! Once unhinged from real things, there is no telling how far down the rabbit hole a Gnostic will go.
Take comfort, though; a rabbit hole is only as deep as the one who digs it; however, diggers eventually lose strength. And so, in the end, no one can really redefine reality because the way that a thing is - is, and the way that a thing is not - it is not.

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