The Desire To Remedy Covid?

There is a great desire to remedy the threat of COVID-19 to return back to safety. However, this kind of thinking is what leads us away from reality and back into fairytales. You see, we were never safe, to begin with. Life is not safe and has never been safe. Life is full of threats, sickness, diseases, wars, famine, disasters, and so forth. And to boot, in the end, we are bitten by death. If there is any silver lining to COVID-19, it is that this virus has - for many - pulled the curtain back and revealed reality. And this 'reality?' Well, 'reality' is not found in our efforts to sanitize death or avoid our mortality. But 'reality' is in us learning to live with the inevitability of our own mortality. Indeed, when we embrace our mortality, it pushes us to live soberly in the day while also clinging to the medicine of immortality - Christ's Sacrament of the Altar.

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