The Problem With Epistemological Warfare

Over the last several months, it has become evident that many posts/videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have been removed, blocked, and classified as contraband. For example, posts regarding scientific alternative solutions to COVID-19, videos on financial Global Currency vs. the Gold Standard, articles regarding differing political ideologies, theological articles on ethics, and even certain comedians have been banned and classified as contraband. While I disagree with many of these posts, I find it disturbing that they are being removed, blocked, and labeled contraband. The only logical explanation for this kind of irrational action is that this is a form of epistemological warfare and/or defense conducted on behalf of the general public by these social media platforms

Epistemological warfare/defense is problematic for several reasons: 1) removing a different point of view does not create greater peace and understanding among the public but greater division and mistrust, 2) eschewing a different opinion creates echo chambers, which does not foster greater compassion for those different from oneself but hostile mistrust, 3) epistemological warfare/defense is a GREAT insult to the general public - it assumes that the general public is naive, foolish, and dumb - unable to discern through the facts for themselves.
In a word, when large tech entities engage in epistemological warfare/defense, it does not make things better but makes things worse - it creates factions, empowers rebellions, expands echo chambers, and fans the flame of greater conflict. Alas, it is so very important to not only talk to those different from us but to understand them as well. In a word - shame on those who play such epistemological games!
And, yes, Grammarly, I am aware of your spell-check-concern - that this post sounds skeptical. It is intended to be of such nature.
Lord have mercy on us all!

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