Everything Has Already Been Done!

“Everything has already been done; you are already redeemed; you have already been made righteous before God; you have already been saved.”

“One dare never say to people: ‘You are saved provided you have faith’; rather the reverse: ‘Because Christ has redeemed you, therefore you now believe that you are saved.’ A person does not believe he will come into an inheritance because of a future promise, but only when the promise has been assuredly given.”

“How could one comfort a disturbed person? He is already assailed with doubts about his faith. He would have to despair with such a doctrine. Rather one must seek to convince him that the Savior is there for him, has already forgiven him, and has already accepted him. As soon as one makes faith even in the least a requirement for justification, one takes from such a person all the comfort of the Gospel.”

-C.F.W. Walther

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