Attention Former Evangelicals! Your Help Is Needed In Filling Out A Survey On The Lutheran Liturgy

If you are a former American Evangelical who is now attending a liturgical Confessional Lutheran Church, your help is needed in a survey!  

This summer I am moving to St. Louis for the month of June and will be taking a class that is titled, "Becoming A Liturgical Lutheran: Aiding Former Evangelicals In The Discovery Of Lutheran Liturgy."  
This class and research project are designed to explore the common misunderstandings of the Lutheran liturgy from former American Evangelicals who have joined or are joining liturgical Lutheran churches.  The research results will provide liturgical answers that may help Pastors who have former Evangelicals entering their parish.  Furthermore, the research results may help former American Evangelicals understand and grow in the Lutheran Church’s liturgical heritage.

In order explore this subject more thoroughly though, a survey has been prepared and is being offered to American Evangelicals who are or recently have entered a liturgical Lutheran church.  Even if you have been a part of a liturgical Lutheran church for sometime and can still remember the transition from a non-liturgical Evangelical worship setting to a Lutheran liturgical worship setting, you are also encouraged to fill out the survey.  

Becoming A Liturgical Lutheran Survey:

The survey will remain open for two weeks, until May 20th.  

Upon completion of the survey, I will be releasing an essay in July that answers, clarifies, and addresses the misunderstandings, hesitations, and struggles that were addressed in the survey.  

Thank you for your interest and help in this project.  

In Christ,
Pastor Matt

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