The Qualitative Survey Results Are In For The "Becoming Lutheran Research Project"—Research Is Now Complete

On October 17th of 2013 I submitted my Major Applied Research Project Proposal to Concordia Seminary, St. Louis on the idea of exploring the journey of American Evangelicals into Confessional Lutheran thought.  Well, some 531 surveys later I find myself finished with the analysis of the 2nd Qualitative Survey, which means that I am also finished with the major portion of research for this academic endeavor.

I want to give a special thank you to my research analysis team that spent a combined total of 72 hours analyzing the 531 surveys.  They are:

Kim Halvorson, Darcy Prevost, Shelee Warner, Carl Wendorff
Jason Toombs, Leif Halvorson, Hans Halvorson
Cheryl Peterson, Matthew Nelson, TR Halvorson, David Warner

I also want to thank all 344 research participants for taking the time to fill out the surveys and for being such an encouragement in this project.  You are all great! 

Finally, a special thank you to the following people and organizations for helping me, as well as in some cases letting me use your media venues to obtain research participants:

As far as the survey results from the second survey?  You can access the Comprehensive Report for the 2nd Qualitative Survey by CLICKING HERE.

Keep in mind that all the details of this study are being documented on the Research Journal Page.  You can also look through all the previous blog posts on this research project by CLICKING HERE.

Now that the research is complete you may thinking, "What is next?"  Well, this summer I am going to devote the month of July to writing the Major Applied Research Project.  This writing task will take theory, research, and analysis and compile it into a comprehensive 200 page document that can be submitted to Concordia Seminary for credit towards my doctor of ministry degree.  The manuscript will be updated periodically at this link HERE.   If 200 pages of reading sounds a bit much for you, don't worry because there are plans to write several straightforward and comprehensive journal articles on this whole process, as well as journal articles on the findings of this project.  For now though, enjoy examining the comprehensive reports from the 1st Quantitative Survey and the 'hot off the press' 2nd Qualitative Survey


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