Steadfast In Colloquy — Call for Donations for a New LCMS Pastor

The following post has been taken from the blog, "Steadfast Lutherans."  It is a post written by  on March 22nd of 2013.  

At BJS we are familiar with deep discussions about theology. Many conversations occur online between our authors and readers over the distinctives that we hold dear. Not all of our contributors come from an LCMS background but adhere steadfastly to the confessional Lutheran theology we profess. One of these such authors is Rev. Matthew Richard who has served in the Church of the Lutheran Brethren since 2004.

As many of you know from Rev. Richard’s writings, he comes out of a theological context of Lutheran Pietism, Fundamentalism, and Revivalism. Furthermore, from Rev. Richard’s own admission he also implemented many Church Growth techniques and dabbled in the Emergent Church Movement before making his home in Confessional Lutheranism. In fact, we have been very proud to feature on Steadfast Lutherans his doctoral work at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis that is focusing on this very journey of American Evangelicals into Confessional Lutheran thought.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Rev. Richard is nearing the completion of his journey into Confessional Lutheranism as a result of his more formal ‘theological conversation’ with the LCMS through what is called colloquy. Colloquy by definition is a ‘conversation’ or ‘a gathering for discussion of theological questions.’ This colloquy process began last October when Matt submitted his colloquy application to the LCMS Montana District. Recently he had a meeting in St. Louis to finalize the necessary requirements for him to be certified and rostered as a LCMS Pastor.
As a part of this process certain classes to better prepare Rev. Richard have been recommended by the national colloquy committee. Therefore, this summer he will be moving his family to St. Louis to attend to these classes. Upon completion of these courses he will be certified for a call in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Rev. Richard will not be posting as regularly as usual due to the need for him to focus his attention on his schooling and the transition process into the LCMS. However, he will be releasing several articles during the colloquy process underneath the category of, “Steadfast in Colloquy” which will help us understand the challenges that American Evangelicals may go through in entering the theological and practical sphere of Confessional Lutheranism.
I would like to present to you an opportunity to encourage one of our ‘Steadfast Brothers’ with your gift of support. In visiting with Rev. Richard I have come to learn that the tuition costs for his colloquy transition will be around $7,500. A PayPal account has been set up to give towards the tuition costs and ultimately in supporting another steadfast voice of Confessional Lutheranism in our Synod.

A generous BJS supporter has donated $5,000 for a matching gift. He has agreed to match the first $5,000 donated for a total of $10,000. He has also suggested that Pastor Richard use the extra $2,500 to further his library or for whatever other needs the family might have.

We can rejoice with Rev. Richard that this colloquy process is occurring and pray with him that the theological training this summer will bring about a harmony, a concordia if you will, between him and the future church body in which he will serve.

I shall open the fund by donating $250 to the cause. Please join me in supporting the growth of confessional Lutheranism in the LCMS by giving whatever size gift you can to Pastor Richard and his family.

If you want to contribute by check send it to:

Brothers of John the Steadfast,

306 Westbury Ct.,

Naperville, Illinois, 60565

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