The Case For Infant Baptism: Church History Shows Us That Baptism Is A Human Ordinance?

The history of the earliest church furnishes, it is maintained, conclusive proof that the baptizing of infants is a human ordinance, which arose long after the death of the apostles and which came about because the Church already at that time was beginning to grow worldly.  And for that reason, also, it is contended; Infant Baptism was enjoined upon the whole Church when the union between Church and State took place in 325 AD.

The Church Fathers, who defend the baptism of children emphasize explicitly that the apostles practiced Infant Baptism.  And the Fathers who reject Infant Baptism never deny this assertion.  They do not attack Infant Baptism on historical grounds, but for intellectual reasons.  “Why does the innocent age hasten to the washing of Baptism?” says Tertullian.

Source: O. Hallesby, Infant Baptism and Adult Conversion (The Messenger Press, 1924), 16-22.