What Is A Worldview?

As we have learned in previous posts, a person's epistemology supplies data and truth to one's worldview. So, just what is a worldview then? 

A worldview is a person’s perception of reality. In other words, each person views the world through a particular lens, these lenses, “are deep, they are generally unexamined and largely implicit. Like glasses, they shape how we see the world, but we are rarely aware of their presence. In fact, others can often see them better than we ourselves do.”[1] According to Paul Hiebert, our worldviews provide us with, “…mental models of deeply ingrained assumptions, generalizations, or pictures and images that shape how we understand the world and how we take action.”
 I have heard it said that worldviews provide maps of how we view reality and life. 

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 [1] Paul Hiebert, Transforming Worldviews: An Anthropological Understanding Of How People Change (Baker Academic, 2008), 46.