Is This The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetime?

As you go to the election booth today, take comfort my friends that regardless of the election results that God is sovereign and that Christ's atonement on the cross remains steadfast.  Neither the events of the past, present or future can go back and keep Jesus from the Cross or keep Him in the grave.  What Christ accomplished on the cross is irreversible.  Nothing can change that fact that Christ has risen, that death has been conquered, that sin has been paid for, and that God's wrath has been satisfied.  

Furthermore, remember that we are not only citizens of the left-hand kingdom (i.e. secular government realm), but we have a greater citizenship in the right-hand kingdom (i.e. spiritual realm of the church).  While world governments of the left-hand kingdom have come into existence, prospered and then fallen away over the last several millennium, the spiritual realm of the kingdom of God has always existed.  The right-hand kingdom stands today, and it will most assuredly be present on November 7th.  What this means is that our ultimate identity is not attached solely to the left-hand kingdom.  Rather, it is from the non-perishing and solid right-hand kingdom of grace and truth that we rest and find our identity.    From our identity in the right-hand kingdom though, we fight for truth, serve, and vote in the left-hand kingdom.  

God's richest blessings today as you walk in your vocation of being a citizen in the left-hand kingdom, as you vote.  May God grant you wisdom and discernment.  


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