Check Out These Arminianism And Calvinism T-Shirts! (A Good Laugh)

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This picture is a lot of fun and a good laugh.  However, you may ask, "How do we understand the doctrine of election?  What does the Word say about the doctrine of predestination?"  CLICK HERE to read about a Lutheran perspective of divine election.  These study notes are from Sidney Lutheran Brethren Church's Adult Sunday School Class.  I hope you enjoy.


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One of the things I love about Lutheranism is that it does not try to pull back the curtain to find the hidden God, but focuses on the revealed God in Christ. If you have not already read his work, I think you will appreciate C. H. Little's clarity on the doctrine:

"Our whole comfort and assurance does not lie in our curious investigation into the secrets of the counsels of God, but in the fact that all the promises of the Gospel which God is so richly fulfilling to us are but the execution in time of His eternal decree of Predestination as far as that is related to us. To give to His beloved children this assurance is the sole purpose of the revelation of this doctrine in the Holy Scriptures. Otherwise it serves no practical purpose. A careful reading of the Scripture passages treating of this doctrine will clearly show that wherever it occurs it is set forth for the assurance, comfort and encouragement of true Christians to guard them against falling into temptations to despair, unbelief, and other great and shameful sins. This is a unique feature of the Biblical doctrine of Predestination."

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