Thank God That We Are Saved By A "Free Will"

"Christ was not only found among sinners; but of his own free will and by the will of the Father he wanted to be an associate of sinners and thieves and those who were immersed in all sorts of sin.  Therefore, when the Law found him among thieves, it condemned and executed him as a thief.

Because he took upon himself our sins, not by compulsion but of his own free will, it was right for him to bear the punishment and the wrath of God--not for his own person, which was righteous and invincible and therefore could not become guilty, but for our person.

Therefore Christ no only was crucified and died, but by divine love sin was laid upon him." (Martin Luther)

Thank God for the "Free Will of Christ," that He chose to save you and me who have a bound will.  We certainly are saved by a Free Will, that is, Christ's Free Will. 

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