Modernism: Word of the Week

Modernism is best described by its four main components or forces.
  1. Individualism:  is at the root of modernity.  Individualism proclaims, "I am self-sufficient."
  2. Pluralism: A multiple-choice lifestyle.  
  3. Relativism: "It's true for you.  Okay.  But it isn't true for me and it doesn't have to be."
  4. Privatization: This is simply the tendency for social reality to be split into two sectors: the public and the private.
Source:  James W. Sire, Chris Chrisman Goes to College

Note: Many see post-modernism as an extention of modernism.  To learn more about post-modernism refer to the Lutheran Lexicon.

To learn more definitions check out The Lutheran Lexicon.