The Gospel Is Not The Same Thing As Good Morals (Law & Gospel In Laymen's Terms)

Thesis V of Walther's Law and Gospel in Laymen's Terms:

The Gospel is not the same as morality!  It is that simple.  When one proclaims good advice, morals and the Ten Commandments as if this is the good news of the Gospel, they in essence turn Jesus Christ into a new Moses or a Lawgiver, rather than the giver of life.  Talking about good advice, morals and the Ten Commandments as if they are the Gospel actually mingles Law and Gospel which makes for some lousy Gospel.  I once heard it stated that if you mix ice cream and manure that you get... manure.  The same is true with Law and Gospel.  When one mixes Law with Gospel you end up with... Law.  

In looking at Jesus Christ the Messiah we don't see a philosopher nor a moralist teacher showing his followers how to attain the highest degree of perfection through their own meritorious works, rather we see a Messiah that is seeking out and saving the lost.  He pursues sinners and doesn't hesitate to rebuke the proud Pharisees that the harlots and publicans will enter the kingdom of heaven rather than they.  

The Gospel speak nothing of what we must do.  It speaks nothing of us, but it speaks of the Christ coming to mankind to save sinners.  It is all about what God does!  The Gospel is an indicative statement of fact not an imperative statement calling us to works.