Hey Harold, We Are Still Here! The Failed Prophecy Of October 21st.

Picture Source: http://defendchristianfaith.blogspot.com/2011/05/end-of-world.html
So, May 21st of 2011 was the day that all was suppose to come to an end.  This was according to Pastor Harold Camping in his prophecy predictions.  CLICK HERE to read about his May 21st rapture predictions.  Well, May 21st came and went making this whole prophecy thing... well, kind of awkward.  No worries though!  In a Washington Times article shortly after May 21st, Harold came out and said that he miscalculated the end of the earth by a whole 5 months (CLICK HERE to read his October 21st prediction).  Theology save?  So, the new date of October 21st was set for the world to be destroyed quickly.  Well, we are still here Harold!  Theology fail!

I am tempted to unleash my true feelings upon this subject because of the absolute mockery and abuse of scripture that Harold Camping has employed, however, his two most recent failed prophecies as well as his failed prophecy of 1994 speak for themselves and towards his Biblical integrity.  

On the bright side, he has recently come forward to apologize and repent for his failed prophecies.  To read more check out the article titled, "Founder Harold Camping Repents, Apologizes for False Teaching."

Pastor Fisk devoted a previous video podcast to the May 21st prophecy and this week he spends the first half of his Worldview Everlasting Video Podcast on the subject of Harold's failed prophecy as well as Harold's recent repentance.  View below:

While Harold's prophecies will go into the books with all the other previous failed prophecies of Christendom and other Religious Sects, we can take this moment to learn from his mistakes and to contemplate our own theology of the end times.  In thinking about the subject of the end times may I suggest checking out a previous blog posting titled, "Forming A Theology of the End Times."

Grace and Peace to you.  Jesus is surely with us to the end of the age.  Jesus wins.