My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee

GRACE – what a remarkable word!  It is a word that reaches out to all, embracing all who wish to be embraced.  The question of worthiness and merit is left out of consideration.  Grace is like two arms which reach down to the bottom of the sins of the ocean of humanity, lifting up all who allow themselves to be captured.  Grace is for you – at this very moment.  It cannot be otherwise, as surely as grace is grace.  Grace blots out all sins – absolutely all.  Grace embraces every sinner; it casts out no one, not even you.

And this grace is sufficient.  Grace is all that you need.  You do not need lofty revelations, special experiences, or certain feelings and emotions to which you can point.  To be a Christian is not to mirror yourself in your sanctification, to see yourself maturing spiritually, to analyze your experiences, or to inspect the fruits of your labors.  No, to be a Christian is to rest in the grace of God.  Grace is sufficient.  Through grace you shall be sanctified; through grace you shall grow, become strong, and conquer.  Grace shall accomplish all this.  Just give grace a chance.  Grace is yours today.  Accept it.  Rest in it.  Grace is sufficient.  

Excerpt From: Fredrik Wisloff, (Rest A While)

A special thanks to Pastor Jim for sending this to PM Notes.