Christianity, Old Protestant Liberalism & American Evangelicalism?

Do you trust what is inside of you or what is outside of you?
Do you trust what you feel or what you hear and think?
Do you trust in your actions or the actions of someone else for you?

If you answered these questions leaning towards the answers of inside, feel and actions, there is a good chance that you have been influenced by protestant liberalism of the past, a liberalism that has been repackaged and marketed in much of evangelicalism today.  

In the most recent episode of the White Horse Inn, the hosts talk about how the American Church is echoing this protestant liberalism from the past.  It seems that the words of Solomon are true, "There is nothing new under the sun."  

The episode below from the White Horse Inn is a great follow up to the post titled, "The Pelagian Captivity Of The Evangelical Church: What The Reformers Would Think Of Modern Evangelicals."  

Simply click on the sermon audio below titled, "Christianity and The New Liberalism."