What's Wrong With The New Evangelical Theology Being Taught Today?

Diagram Created By:  Pastor Matt Richard

In case you are wondering where the term "New Evangelical Theology" has been taken from, it was taken from Phillip Cary's book titled, "Good News for Anxious Christians: 10 Practical Things That You Don't Have To Do."

Here is an excerpt from Phillip Cary (pages xvi-xvii)
"Every era in the history of Christianity has its own dangers and  failures, which include its own particular ways of distorting God’s word. This book is about the distortions of our time, as found in a new theology that has more or less taken over American evangelicalism in recent years. I suppose it has spread well beyond America by now, but in this book I’m talking about what I know firsthand—the new evangelical theology that is taught in American churches and that comes into my life through the anxieties of my American students.
It is a theology I don’t read about in books, but hear from the lips of young people telling me why they’re anxious. The words on their lips are ones you can hear in sermons and Bible studies and in TV and other media, and they make plenty of adults anxious too. They are the words of what you might call a “working theology,” which is not an academic theory but a basis for preaching and discipleship, prayer and evangelism and outreach. It’s a theology that tells people how to live. It gives people practical ideas and techniques they’re supposed to use to be more spiritual."

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Steve Martin said…
Nice one.

Simple and to the point!
ahswan said…
This is excellent!
Cameron West said…
There's a lot to like, but in the end I find it a bit over simplistic. No model can capture reality in all it's complexity, but this caricature doesn't even leave any room for either systemic injustice (collective sin) that does exist outside the individual or common grace. Maybe these things don't exist in the 'New Reformed Theology', or maybe this idea is also a straw man?

My apologies for not sourcing the term "New Evangelical Theology." I just updated the blog post with reference to Phillip Cary's book.

Something else to chew on. Gene Edward Veith in his book, "The Spirituality of the Cross" argues that the Lutherans were the first and most quintessential evangelicals. If this is true and we compare what is being taught now in modern evangelicalism, they are not the same. The following article attempts to show the shift that has happened.


Here is another one that might be of interest:


Take care my friend!
Unknown said…
The Veith book is solid.