New Blog Series Coming Soon...

            In 1 Timothy 1:8 we read, “We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.”  Essentially what Paul is saying in this verse is that the Law of God, His 10 Commandments, are excellent!  The Moral Law of God captures God’s perfect and holy will!  Furthermore, there is nothing wrong in teaching the Law of God, but in the words of R.C.H. Lenski, “it is wrong to want to teach it and not to know how but to abuse it in pitiful ignorance by saying things about it which one does not himself comprehend.[1]  The statement in 1 Timothy is basically implying that when the Law is not properly taught, it leads to spiritual abuse, confusion and a perversion of the Gospel of Christ.
            Starting Wednesday February 2nd I will be having a two week series where the basic misunderstandings and abuses of the law will be gently exposed and the blog conversation will be steered towards the proper use of the Law; for as Paul says, “We know that the Law is good if one uses it properly!"

[1] R.C.H. Lenski, Commentary on the New Testament (Hendrickson Publishing, 2001), 507.