Are There Consequences To Sin?

Are there consequences to sin?

Yes, No and Maybe…
Yes.  Because of sin: relationships are broken; the image of God in humanity has been corrupted; mankind has become self-centered; mankind is unable to properly trust, fear or love God; we are subject to the Devil and condemned to death; we are objects of God’s wrath. 
No.  Spiritually speaking or vertically speaking (i.e. vertical = relationship with God) because of Jesus we can say ‘no’ as believers.   Answer 191 of The Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism states, “By His death, Jesus willingly suffered the punishment of sin as my substitute.  Because of His death, I am no longer God’s enemy and can have fellowship with Him.”  In other words, the eternal and vertical consequences to sin are placed upon Jesus and he bears the full consequences of sin on our behalf.  In Jesus there is no condemnation or consequences for us (Romans 8:1).
Maybe…  Physically speaking or horizontally speaking (i.e. horizontal = relationship with neighbor and fellow mankind) there may be many ramifications and consequences to sin even though there might not be any vertical/spiritual consequences.  Horizontal consequences such as: mistrust, loss of job, jail time, anger, fear, etc…
Special note:  In Hebrews 12:5-ff we see that God disciplines the ones He loves.  It is important to note that God does not ‘condemn’ those He loves and that His discipline is not out of a motive of ‘vengeance’ but out of a motive of ‘love.’  While hardships aid us in loving discipline, the most common way that God disciplines His children is through the Use of the Law.  Through the Law God quenches and kills the flesh (i.e. repentance) so as to drive us to Christ for forgiveness, dependence and hope.   Our sinful nature needs to be crucified not reformed. (See: Galatians 2:10; Galatians 5:24; Colossians 3:5-ff)