How Should The Law Be Used and Taught in the Church?

How Should The Law Be Used and Taught in the Church?

While some churches mainly use the Law as a curb or a guide to God’s Will in order to legislate and motivate proper behavior, this is not the main function or one could say “main focus” of the Law. According to Martin Luther in the Smalcald Articles,
“the chief office or force of the Law is to reveal original sin with all its fruit. It shows us how very low our nature has fallen, how we have become utterly corrupted.”
In other words, the primary use of the Law is to convict and expose us of our sin (Romans 3:20b), this is its theological use. According to Tim Ysteboe, in His commentary on the CLBA Statement of Faith, “The work of the Law is to put people into a position where they realize their need for grace.” While using the Law for a curb and a guide are biblical, both of these uses are not the primary or main theological use of the Law.

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Steve Martin said…
Nice post, Pastor Matt!

The law is written upon our hearts. We know what to do. We just flat out refuse to do it, or insist on doing it's opposite. And this exposes us.

Thanks be to God that "Christ is the end of the law for all who have faith." (St. Paul)