The Church Only Has One Fear

I was visiting with another pastor today. He mentioned that pastors will need to address 'fear' in their congregations over the upcoming six months. I think he is on to something. That is to say; fear has a way of pushing us to a fight or flight response. And once we have given way to fight-flight, we oscillate between the two extremes. Furthermore, conflict inevitably emerges with our neighbors, as we end up opposing those on the opposite end of the spectrum, as a way of justifying our positions on the pendulum.

The church, though, only knows one kind of fear - the fear of God. But tragically, when the fear of God is lost, it is easy to be fearful of everything else - including COVID-19. Indeed, when the fear, love, and trust of God is misplaced, it is easy for the church to think it needs to have a voice on the fight-flight pendulum.

Alas! The church has only one fear - the fear of God. And the church has only one voice, the voice of peace, not fear, "Fear not; you have been redeemed Baptized Saints. You have been called by name and belong to Another!"

Lord, have mercy on us all. Lord, grant your church the grace to trust thee. O Lord, grant pastors the grace to deliver the peace of Christ.

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