A Child Of God Surrounded By COVID-19

In our day, we hear a great deal about COVID-19, this dreadful evil which may sooner or later threaten our very life.  With each passing day, social media posts share stories of some new development relating to COVD-19. 

In the face of this, we can do one of two things: we can refuse to think about it.  We can plug our ears, close our eyes, and put our heads in the sand; we can take the attitude that anything as terrible as COVD-19 cannot possibly befall us.  Or, we can face up to the dreadful possibility of COVID-19.  In this second case, we may become anxious and fearful.  Fear can run through our veins, making us COVID-crazy, resulting in the loss of all rational thought.  How terrifying if COVID-19 should actually strike us personally!

And yet a child of God can say, "Though COVID-19 surrounds me, my heart shall not fear; though COVID-19 may infect me, yet will I be confident!" (See: Ps. 27:3)  

Dear child of God, come what may, you are in God's hand. Even amid the most trying experiences, the Lord will be with you. He is your shield, your safe refuge. You do not live in denial of COVID-19 or in fear of COVID-19, for God is sovereign.  Your reverence is to the Lord, not COVID-19.

Come what may, nothing shall pluck you out of God's hand.  

Fear not; you have been redeemed, called by name, and belong to Another. (See Is. 43:1) 


Borrowed and adapted in parts from Fredrick Wisloff's book, "Hvil eder litt."  (Copyright, Lutherstiftelse Forlag, Oslo: 1963).  

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