New To PM Notes? Here Is A Great Introductory Post!

Over the summer months PM Notes has received a lot of new readers and website traffic.  Therefore, I thought it would be beneficial to put together a brief overview of the blog and resource page for those of you that are new!  Also, this would serve as a good blog post to pass on to your friends and family.

Daily blog posts are arranged by date & subject on various topics from various authors.  For searching ease a Google search engine is located at the top left of the blog page allowing you to search the whole blog for any topic/theme.  CLICK HERE for the top 10 posts from 2013.

PDF Teaching Sheets
On the archive site you will find over 150 various teachings sheets that have been produced from studies at Lutheran Brethren Seminary, Concordia Seminary and from the pastoral ministry over the last 11 years.  They are designed and formatted for the average layperson.  Simply CLICK HERE to be redirected to the download page.

PDF Articles
The PDF Article Page hosts a number of valuable articles on various topics.  Several of the articles are only published and available at the archive page.  Each of the articles are saved in the PDF format for easy download and access.  CLICK HERE for the PDF Article Page. 

The Lutheran Lexicon
The Lutheran Lexicon is a collection of definitions to help you in your reading of the "PM Notes" blog and other Christian material. It is written from a Lutheran Perspective and has each definition source posted below the selected word. This is a great resource that will serve you in helping clarify some of those complex terms that you may have come across in your readings; terms that you may have been to afraid to ask others what they mean. My hope for The Lutheran Lexicon is to define words that have difficult definitions. In other words, have you ever looked up a term and after reading the definition said, "I am even more confused"? Hopefully this lexicon will help with this problem. Oh, and in case you are wondering... a Lexicon is simply a Dictionary!  CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Lutheran Lexicon.

PM Notes also hosts a video page that has many popular videos as well as specially edited videos.  Several of the videos combine graphics with segments from various radio talks shows.  The video page also has several teaching videos from Sidney Lutheran Brethren Church's Beginning Koine Greek Class.  CLICK HERE for the Video Page.

PM Notes also has an audio link to the part-time online Bible and Theology radio program called "The Great Exchange" and Podcast that are done for KEYZ 660 AM Radio.  CLICK HERE to be redirected.

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Facebook & Links
Finally, but not least, there is a Link Page.  The Link Page has a blogroll list as well as links to valuable ministry websites.  CLICK HERE for the Link Page.  Also, for you Facebook users, don't forget to follow PM Notes on Facebook