I Am Full Of Sin; He Is Full Of Grace

"Of His fullness have all we received, and grace for grace" John 1:16

God's fullness.  There is something mysterious about this expression.  It is as though we must ask in wonderment: What is really in God?

And the Word replies: God is full of grace.  In Him, the Eternal, the Infinite, the Absolute, there is an infinite fountain of grace.  In Him there is grace upon grace--an eternal ocean of God's love and mercy.

But I am full of sin!  In me, a poor human being, there is sin upon sin.  What a horrible fullness!

But faith grasps the glorious Gospel: God is precisely a God for me.  Grace must be intended for someone.  It is not grace until it comes in contact with a sinner.  And if He is full of grace, and I am full of sin, then He must be a God for me.  In Him there is grace, upon grace; in me there is sin upon sin.  He is the Savior; I am a sinner.  We two meet.  I drown all my sin in the fullness of His grace, and then I will never see it again.  

--Fredick Wisloff: Rest A While