For The Pastor's Wife

HELP WANTED: Pastor's wife. Must sing, play music, lead youth groups, raise seraphic children, entertain church notables, minister to other wives, have ability to recite Bible backward and choreograph Christmas pageant. Must keep pastor sated, peaceful and out of trouble. Difficult colleagues, demanding customers, erratic hours. Pay: $0.

Cullen, Lisa Takeuchi. (March 29, 2007) Pastors’ Wives Come Together.  January 28, 2011

This blog posting is for all the Pastors' Wives out there.  Mark Driscoll just released an article on the pastor's wife below:

Link: Loving The Pastor's Wife
There is also another great article written by a Lutheran Pastor's Wife.  She manages the blog, "The Rebellious Pastor's Wife."  The article is posted at the following link:
Finally, a special thank you to my wife.  You are a great pastor's wife not because of your role in the church but because you are a great mother to our children and a supportive/loving spouse to me.  Thank you Serenity.  


Ekelund Fam said…
Thanks Matt! We love you too Ren!
CJ Olson said…
Thanks Matt! Two very interesting articles! It's always interesting to get to a new place & try to figure out the expectations are for the pastor's wife!