The Five Illegal Uses Of The Law

By Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller
There are three good and legitimate uses of the Lord's law, the curb, mirror and guide. As a curb the Lord's law orders the things of creation and keeps society from chaos. As a mirror the law shows us our sin and our need for Jesus and His mercy and salvation. As a guide the law gives shape to our Christian love for our neighbor. These uses or functions of the law are good and right, they are the reasons that the Lord gave His law to humanity.
But more often than not the law of God is misused. Instead of the Lord using the law on us, we take up the law and use it ourselves, on God or on our neighbor. We could call this the “illegal use of the law”. 
The next 5 upcoming blog posts will cover an article written by Rev. Ryan Wolfmueller on the illegal uses of the Law.  This will be a good follow-up to "The Law is Good" blog series.  Enjoy the ride and the thoughts from Pastor Wolfmueller.
Pastor Matt


Steve Martin said…
We know what to do in the 1st two uses.

We just refuse to do it. The law is wriiten upon our hearts. But CVhrist is the end of the law for all those who have faith.

The "guide" use, just opens the door to legalism. Often, we will focus on this "guide", and our motivations are shot to hell, anyway.

I go with two uses.