On Our Knees - Together

We are all image-bearers of God, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or status. And as image-bearers, we have been equally and tragically marred by sin. Therefore, let us kneel together before the Lord, our Maker, with contrition because the Apostle Paul is right, "there is no one who does good, not even one." Indeed, as image-bearers, we have fallen short of the goal to love one another in thought, word, and deed. Alas, we do not love others as well as we love ourselves, especially those we see as supposedly different from us.

Perhaps, on our knees before our Creator - together - we can find mutual humility in humanity’s lack of love that has caused so many tragic atrocities. Perhaps - together - we can begin to understand the pain and depths of sin in each other’s lives while coming to grips with the truth that our common enemy is not each other. But instead, our common enemies are the dividing-deceptions of the Evil One, the false ideologies of the world, and our very own sinful natures. And perhaps - together - we can partake of the same forgiveness, from the same Cross, given by the same Lord. You see, justification in Christ is not dependent on ethnicity, gender, age, or status - these factors contribute nothing. Instead, Christ is good and gives salvation to empty-handed-kneeling-sinners, sinners such as me, you, and the entire human race.

We certainly do kneel, and we should. We kneel together shoulder to shoulder with our fellow image-bears, as brothers and sisters. We kneel before Christ, as beggars ready to receive free warm bread. And Christ does not despise our humility and contrition but gives forgiveness, life, and salvation - not selectively - but abundantly to all image-bearers.

Lord have mercy; Christ have mercy; Lord have mercy on us all.

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