Let The Bird Fly: Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Original Air Date: October 10, 2017

On episode TWENTY-EIGHT of "Let the Bird Fly!", the guys welcome the ever-patient Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard. If you're a regular listener, you may recall that on Episode 26 we tried to discuss Dr. Richard's book with him on that episode, but technology would not cooperate. We are extremely grateful for pastor Richard's patience and understanding; and we're thrilled that we were finally able to get him on the show. We think you'll be pretty happy about it too!

Wade starts us off on this episode discussing Matthew 24:4-14, before getting to the main topic. You may notice that we skip the free-for-all in this one, but we think you'll appreciate that extra time we spend discussing Dr. Richard's recently published book Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Twelve False Christs. In his book, Dr. Richard walks through twelve different false Christs that different people have presented to him throughout his ministry. As Dr. Richard says, each of these could be seen as a type of idol, that seeks to displace the real Jesus. The book is written for a lay audience and is very conducive to a study group setting. Through his narratives and explanations, Dr. Richard provides the reader with an honest account of these various errors, while the same time offering a thoroughly pastoral approach to confronting these false christs.

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