Anti-Intellectualism In The North American Church

Children are learning about photosynthesis of plants in third-grade school, yet some suggest that they are unable to learn about the doctrine of propitiation from the church. Third Graders are also learning about the structural unit of cells, but some propose that they cannot learn about being simultaneously sinner and saint from Romans chapter seven. Tragically, large portions of the North American Church have succumbed to an anti-intellectual spirit that chastises doctrine and rolls its eyes at robust catechesis, which has inevitably contributed to the Biblical illiteracy we are witnessing today. Indeed, this anti-intellectual attitude has aided many Christians in becoming delicate reeds that snap back and forth in the ideological winds of culture. What does this mean, though? It means that we need more Biblical catechesis and doctrine, not less. It means that we need to stop entertaining goats and feed the sheep. It means that we need the sixteenth-century Reformation ethos rekindled again, with its bold emphasis on the Word alone.

Lord, keep us steadfast in your Word, for your strong Word cleaves the darkness and bespeaks us righteous: Amen.

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