When Truth Is No Longer Objective

When truth is no longer objective and universal but becomes something that is located and dependent upon the eye of the beholder, civilized and rigorous debate is no longer possible. The reason why? If truth does not exist on its own but is created by individuals deciding what truth is for themselves (e.g., if truth is located and dependent upon the eye of the beholder), then any debate over truth will be perceived not as a friendly dialogue over that which is objectively and universally true, but as an attack upon a person - hate speech. The implications are this: the more that a society understands truth as objective and universal, the greater the need for free speech to debate and learn about that which is universally and objectively true. However, the more society sees truth as something that people get to decide for themselves, the more speech must be regulated and even - tragically - restricted to protect individuals' concoctions of personalized truth.

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