Of Means And Methods

The means and methods, by which congregations entice the unchurched 'through' their doors, will be the same means and methods necessary to keep the unchurched 'inside' the doors. Once inside, though, the unchurched will demand 'greater' means and methods to stay, which results in congregations being imprisoned to the spiritual appetites and dreams of the unchurched. (e.g., Give a person an entertaining service; they may come through the doors of the congregation. However, to keep them inside, they will want more: a concert or a circus.) Alas! This is why it is crucial to understand that it is through the Word and Sacraments that people are evangelized, converted, and sustained, for the Word and Sacraments are not only the power of Salvation for those inside and outside of the church but the only things that congregations can uniquely offer to a world that is grabbing for meaning in the dark.

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