'The Implications Of Truth' Session Material With Videos

In a previous post I mentioned that I recently had the opportunity to speak at the "Tell the Good News About Jesus Convocation" in Casper, Wyoming.  This convocation is an annual event for the LCMS Wyoming District. 

At the convocation I presented on the implications of truth, especially in regard to truth's impact upon worldview, linguistics, emotions, and practice.

Below are the PowerPoint slides and presented articles for each session, as well as the recorded videos for each sessions.  I do need to take this opportunity to apologize for the audio quality of session one.  The quality of the sound is very poor; however, I do believe that the presentation is still understandable.  

Please feel free to download the articles and watch the videos on this most fascinating subject, for as you will learn, truth is indeed powerful. 

Part 1: An overview of the subject of truth and its powerful repercussions 
upon the three dimensions of worldview, language, and emotions

Part 2: Exploring the ramifications of competing linguistics,
worldview, and knowledge sources

Part 3: Practical Application and exploring the ramifications 
of absorbing new sources of truth
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Ron Voss said…
Pastor Matt,

Appreciated your talk (watched Part 1 thus far).

Considering the various sources of knowledge - not necessarily sources of truth - that you described, the theistic evolutionists, etc., tend to rely upon empiricism (so-called historical science done by evolutionists), conventional wisdom (including the conventional wisdom of many of their Christian colleagues), authority (scientists; primarily those arguing for evolution) for determining their truth on origins. In doing so, they also downplay and diminish the truth of Revelation (God's Word) - make it secondary. They deny the genealogy recorded in Genesis which leads to an understanding that the earth is about 6000 years old - not billions of years old. They deny the global flood of Noah (as that would wipe out the billions of years of the so-called geological column). They even deny the words of Jesus, for example, when he answered the Pharisees, have you not read that He made them man and woman from the beginning. Etc.

I would contend that the primary source of knowledge for our young people when it comes to the matter of origins is the humanistic public schools.
terriergal said…
I wish someone had gotten on the audio the first session! The information was very helpful but that first session is so hard to listen to with the distortion. I even pulled the audio and tried to see if there was any band that wasn't distorted. nope... Sigh.

I hope you do more on this, explaining why these things do not go together, that methodology is NOT doctrinally neutral and maybe give more examples of how these things undermine the truth a group claims to be teaching.

I was bummed about the audio too. Ugh.

I am doing this same presentation at the LCMS ND District Pastor's Conference this Fall. Maybe it will be recorded. We will have to see.

Take care