Lutheran Worship Is Characterized By Reverence And Dignity (4 of 7)

By: A.L. Barry

Building on our first three theses, it is important now to say that Lutheran worship needs to be characterized by reverence and dignity. I am concerned when I notice a movement away from a sense of reverence and dignity in our Lutheran worship. Let me speak plainly. I am troubled when I notice some of our pastors conducting the liturgy as if they were entertaining friends in their home, with little quips and humorous asides sprinkled throughout the service. This robs the people of the opportunity to focus their thoughts on Jesus Christ. Such self-indulgence has no place in our worship services. A sense of reverent awe and dignity needs to permeate our Lutheran worship services.

Our Lutheran  worship services should be known as truly sacred events, marked by a deep sense of the holiness and majesty of God. We need to realize that when we attend the worship service, truly holy things are going on. God is with us. He is present among us through Word and Sacrament. The great struggle of God against Satan is taking place as life and salvation are given out. These are serious matters. The angels in heaven sing, “Holy, holy, holy is God the Lord of Sabaoth!” and cover their faces at the sight of the holy God. Dare we behave in a manner that clearly conflicts with this wonderful sense of reverence and dignity? 
A Presentation to the Real Life Worship Conference
Sponsored by the LCMS Commission on Worship
Denver, Colorado
February 1998

Lutheran Worship: 2000 and Beyond
Seven Theses on Worship 

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