Clearing Up Misconceptions About Lutheran Baptism: A Response To Matt Haney

This past week I was pulled into a conversation on Facebook over a sermon by Matt Haney of Grace Community Church.  In this sermon, Haney covers the doctrine of baptism and amazingly casts the verdict that anyone who teaches that baptism saves, should be branded a heretic.  Yes, that includes the majority of our blessed Church Fathers. 

In response to Haney's sermon I submit the following podcast below.  This podcast is from The Great Exchange, a podcast that I host with two other friends.  This podcast is on the sacraments of baptism and communion.

Since, it is very common for individuals to have soteriological and platonic assumptions in regard to a Lutheran view of baptism, I believe that the previous podcast and the documents below will help lay the basics to a Lutheran view of baptism.  Furthermore, this foundational podcast may help clear up any misconceptions about Baptism that you might have or your friends might have.

I hope you enjoy,


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Anonymous said…
This has been wonderfully helpful as I have been studying this doctrine. After years of hearing these passages "explained away" it is so refreshing to hear them affirmed. I do have one passage to which I would appreciate your response. In Romans 4, the Apostle Paul separates the faith of Abraham from his circumcision. I could use some clarity on the Lutheran doctrine of baptism vs. "ex opere operato." Thank you!
Steve Martin said…
Listen to this, Brian. It's on just that subject: