A Letter From The "Becoming Lutheran Research Participants" To Confessional Lutheran Pastors

As many of you know, I have been working on a Major Applied Research Project over the last two years examining the journey of American Evangelicals into Confessional Lutheran thought. After examining over 700 surveys, I decided to construct a letter from all the research participants' suggestions/recommendations to Lutheran Pastors who are presently receiving these former Evangelicals.  In constructing the letter from the research participants I used actual phrases from the surveys; therefore, think of this letter as their collective voice.  Enjoy.   
Dear Confessional Lutheran Pastor,
As you receive former Evangelicals like us, we humbly ask that you be patient with us. While it may not look like it, we have been through a lot to get to your church. To you it may look like we are high maintenance, which is absolutely true. We will be high maintenance at first, but once we are catechized we are certain that we will be your biggest advocate for the Lutheran theology you preach and teach. Therefore, please don’t assume that our questions are meant to challenge you. Don’t assume that we know the basics, we often don’t. Please hear our questions and then explain everything; please teach us. You can be theological with us. Not only do we need your patience, but we need you to remain steadfast to your church’s confession. Please don’t water Lutheranism down. You can preach the Law strongly to us and the Gospel more strongly still. Be Lutheran and don’t be ashamed of this! We don’t want Evangelicalism. Teach the liturgy; teach the Small Catechism. Point us to Christ crucified for that is what we all need. Thank you in advance for being our shepherd.
In Christ,
The Becoming Lutheran Research Participants 

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