The Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2012 And An Update For PM Notes

As we begin 2013, let us pause today and reflect on 2012.  It was a great year at the PM Notes Blog with the message of Gospel being published to approximate 65,000 visitors and 180,000 pageviews.  Thank you for your support, encouragement, and passion for the Gospel. 

As far as posts?  Below you will find the Top 10 posts from 2012.  They are chosen on the basis pageviews, Facebook Likes, substance, message, and my personal bias. :-)  I hope you enjoy reading them; I enjoyed writing them.

Top Ten Posts of 2012:
  1. I'm Sorry But We Don't Have A Free Will And Why We Shouldn't Want One Either
  2. Pastoral Care For Those Experiencing An Epistemological Crisis
  3. We Need The Lutheran Confessions Because A Theology Of Experience Is Not Easily Transferable
  4. Why The Old Adam Loves Crossless  Sanctification
  5. Truth If Possible, Peace At All Costs?
  6. Why We Are Not Declared Righteous By Christ Dwelling In Our Heart
  7. Exposing 10 Myths Of The Church Growth Movement
  8. The Famine Of The Word And The Failure Of The Church Growth Movement & Emergent Church
  9. Re-examining The Idea Of "Christian Progress" In Sanctification
  10. The Quote Attributed To St. Francis Of Assisi Is Wrong! Why The Great Commission And The Great Commandment Are Not The Same

Other Notable Posts of 2012:
  1. Do We Pay Pastors Too Much? Understanding The Costs Of Pastoral Education
  2. What Is So Convenient About Prevenient Grace?
  3. Would It Be Better To Not Preach Faith In Order To Limit Licentiousness?
  4. Is Your Refractory Ass Kicking Up His Heals? Understanding The War Between The Old And New Nature

As I've looked at 2013 I have decided that I will be cutting back in my writing substantially.  For the past 2 years I have released a blog post each day, but due to my classes at Concordia Seminary and my Major Applied Research Project I now realize that I must cut back in order to focus on my schooling.  My schooling should be complete by the fall of 2013, which at that time I will most likely come back to some more regularly writing.

For 2013 I plan on releasing 3-4 articles a month on the blog Steadfast Lutherans, where I am a contributor.  After they have been released on Steadfast Lutherans, I will be releasing them on PM Notes.  With the 3-4 articles every month I may post sporadically to the blog, but certainly not on a consistent basis.  I will also be posting updates on my research project which can be found HERE.  Finally, on the PM Notes Facebook Page I will be continually posting pithy quotes as I come across them for your enjoyment and edification.  CLICK HERE if  you haven't had a chance to connect with the Facebook page.  

Happy New Year my friends.  God's Grace and Peace to you in Jesus name.

-Pastor Matt Richard