Marriage: The Lifelong Journey Of Sacrifice & Trust

Text: Colossians 3:12-17

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Keegan and Cassidy, as you know, we live in a world that is rather flippant with marriage.  In other words, it is not uncommon in our day and age for people to hook up for a time, and then when things don’t work out, they dump each other and move on to the next person in line.  Tragically, these relationships are like a revolving door.  And so, these individuals will never marry because marriage makes things too complicated; it is just easier to recycle relationships for convenience’s sake.   

And then there’s the fact that people who are married don’t think of marriage anymore in the way that God intends.  They do not view marriage as a life-long union of one man and one woman.  Instead, they feel free to walk away from their commitments and promises whenever they don’t feel in love anymore – as though ‘feeling in love’ is something any relationship could ever be built on.  Tragically, these marriages have no foundation but are built upon the shifting sands of feelings and romantic love songs.

And when we thought it could not get any worse, along comes this whole alternative lifestyle movement.  Individuals in this movement have all sorts of folks insisting that marriage and family can mean whatever it is they want it to mean.  The problem, though, is that the rules and definitions with this movement keep changing, resulting in marriage not meaning much of anything.  And so, marriage has become nothing more than an empty word or a hollow vessel. 

Now, I don’t have to convince you, as well as everyone else here today, that all of this is pretty serious stuff.  But perhaps something more important for you and me to consider is this:  why bring all of this up on your wedding day?  Why open up the can of worms, as they say?  Am I trying to score political points or stir up people’s emotions, to get attention, “Wow, that was a bold wedding sermon.”  No, that is not the case.  Instead, I mention this because I want contrast everything going on in the world with what you are doing today Keegan and Cassidy.  In other words, I want to commend you Keegan and Cassidy, for your boldness.  I want to praise you for being unique.  I want to applaud you today for being faithful.  You see, the both of you are here today in a Christian Church having a Christian Wedding to take your places in the Holy Christian Estate of Marriage which is bold, unique, and faithful in our world today.  

Keegan and Cassidy, as you both know, marriage is not a social construct or a product of Hollywood movies but rather, God planted marriage into humanity right from the get-go.  Marriage was God’s idea to begin with, which is why He gave Adam and Eve to each other.  And so, God instituted the Holy Estate of Marriage.  In marriage, God calls a man to leave his father and mother to be united with his wife so that they can become one flesh.  And together in this most Holy Estate of Marriage, a man and woman are placed in the roles of husband and wife creating a family.  

And so, Keegan and Cassidy, today you are taking your places in what God instituted long ago.  Today you are stepping into your roles as husband and wife. Indeed, you are being placed in the roles of husband and wife to give each other compassion and kindness while showing humility, quiet strength, and discipline to each other.  As you take your places as husband and wife in the Holy Estate of Marriage, you are positioning yourselves to be even-tempered, content with second place, and quick to forgive each other’s failures.  

More specifically, Keegan, as you know, becoming a Christian husband is a life-long crucifixion.  Being husband is not being imprisoned with a ball and chain, but being a Christian husband is a lifelong journey of laying down your pride and emptying yourself to forgive, protect, and cover Cassidy. That is what it means to be the head and to love Cassidy as Christ loved the church.  Today, you confess that you will bleed and die for you precious bride, as a Christian husband.  

And Cassidy, as you know, becoming a Christian wife is the life-long abandonment of manipulation and cutting tongue.  Being a wife is not becoming a doormat but instead it is a lifelong journey of trusting your husband Keegan.  Today, you confess that you will trust your husband and cherish him. 

But because you will both fail again and again in living this out, the Lord Jesus affirms to you this day that within His Holy Estate of Marriage,  you are both to receive and give the forgiveness of sins.  That is right; you are to receive and give grace upon grace. Keegan, as you learn to suffer, bleed, and die for Cassidy, never forget that the Lord Jesus Christ has suffered, bled, and died - for you.  And Cassidy, as you learn to trust Keegan, know that your ultimate trust depends on Jesus, who not only forgives you of your sins but has forgiven the sins of your husband.  And so, in this Christian marriage, there is no limit of forgiveness and grace for each other because there is no limit of forgiveness and grace for the both of you in Christ.    

Keegan and Cassidy, tragically, as we have already covered, this is not how the world works.  It is not how our society understands marriage.  But you already know that which is why you are here.  And so, God bless you for being countercultural in this lifelong journey of sacrificing and trusting. God bless you for taking the road less traveled in stepping into your places as husband and wife.  Yes, God bless you for stepping into the Estate of Marriage where you will not just go off and do your own thing but will keep in tune with each other while cultivating thankfulness for each other while constantly receiving the gifts that the Lord God has given you and will continue to give you.  

In the name of Jesus. Amen.  

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