Marriage: It Is About 'Clinging'

Wedding Meditation from Ethan and Aimee Benham's Blessing of Marriage

Text: Mark 10:6-9

In the name of Jesus. Amen. 

Ethan, in our reading from the Gospel of Mark, Jesus says that 


“A man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”

Now, this is not a simple encouragement from Jesus or a small suggestion. Furthermore, Jesus is not trying to form an unwritten rule. He is not trying to create a tradition or a local custom by telling the man to leave his father and mother. Instead, Jesus states that a man shall leave his father and mother to cling to his wife because this is the essence of marriage. And marriage? Let us not forget that it is as old as time. God originally created it in the beginning. It is for all men and women of every generation and every continent. It is God’s design for a man and woman to live within. Marriage is good.  

And so, Ethan, you are called to leave your father and mother to cling to Aimee so that the two of you shall become one flesh.  But what does it mean for a man to cling to his wife? Well, quite simply, it does not mean that you, Ethan, are to merely tackle Aimee or superglue yourself to her. Yes, to cling to Aimee is to physically be there at her side, but it actually means a lot more. In other words, to cling to Aimee is not only to hold on to her, but it also means that you, Ethan, are to be devoted to her with your heart, mind, and soul. You see, when you were a young man, Ethan, you clung to your parents for all good things: food, shelter, protection, and emotional support. But now, you are a man, and as a man, today you cling to Aimee. But let’s be perfectly clear! Today you cling to Aimee not because you need to depend on her as you depended upon your mom and dad. But instead, today, you will cling to Aimee to give her all good things. As a husband to Aimee, you shift your whole heart and your whole body from taking from your parents to giving to Aimee. And so, unlike so many lethargic, unresponsive, and man-child men in this world, Ethan, you are to devote yourself to your bride, not to take but to give… yes, evening giving Aimee your very life. You are to give, Ethan, to the point of bleeding and dying for your new bride.  

You know, Ethan, today, as you cling to Aimee, you are really modeling what Christ has done for you. Your Jesus has devoted Himself to you – He clung to you at that cross as He bled and died for you, Ethan. And so, because Jesus has done all things well for you, He now places you into the role of husband to do all things well for your bride - Aimee.  

Truth be told, Ethan, we all see your commitment to Aimee. And that is good. However, as we all know, this life is often cruel and difficult, which means that life has a way of chipping away at this holy estate of marriage. And so, Ethan, never forget that as you cling to Aimee, there is one who clings to you even stronger – Jesus Christ, your Lord, and Savior. His clinging to you is as strong as death so that you may cling to your bride, even unto your death.  

And Aimee, today, you have the firm commitment of your husband; that he has chosen you, that you are his bride. He has left the care and comfort of his parents – and now, as a man, he comes to you to give you care and comfort unto death. And so, Aimee, today, take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. In the coming days, receive all good things from your husband. And as you lay your head on his shoulder - receive his love and give him your love and respect. In fact, as a wife to Ethan, you have the high honor and privilege of building your husband up with encouragement, trust, and devotion. Unlike so many shallow and superficial women who take every chance to chop their husbands down with gossip in front of other women, you, though, will defend your husband and build him up because your Jesus has done the same for you. 

You know, Aimee, today, as you cling to your husband, you are really modeling what the church does towards Christ. Because Jesus has bled and died for His church and the church receives all good things in Jesus, the church boldly trusts and brags about Christ. The same is true for you, Aimee. You get to do the same thing for your husband. Aimee, it is your high calling to allow Ethan to bleed and die for you, as you trust in him, respect him, and boast about his goodness to everyone around you.    

Ethan and Aimee, this devotion and clinging to one another are good, for this is what marriage is about. You are stepping into this holy estate of marriage; you are taking your places as husband and wife, devoted to each other unto death. You are one flesh. Ethan, bleed for your bride, giving her all good things. Aimee, respect your husband and trust him in good and bad times. And as a married couple - the Benhams - rest in the fact that your Jesus clings to you even stronger, to hold you secure in this holy estate of marriage unto death.  

Aimee and Ethan, today and in the days to come, remain and abide in your Savior’s joy to forgive you of your sins, sustain you in His grace, and hold you both steadfast to each other in this holy estate of marriage.    

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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