Stay In Your Lane - The Three Estates

Three spheres order society: the Government, the Church, and the Family. Through the Family: mercy and love are provided to individuals as parishioners of the Church and citizens of the Government. Through the Church: morals and forgiveness are given to shape individuals in the Family and Government. And through the Government: order and justice are enforced for Families and the Church.  

Tragically, though, when there is a failure of Parents (Family), Pastors (Church), and Presidents (Government) to 'uphold' and 'stay' in their proper lanes, conflict emerges - much that is unnecessary.  

For example, when some Families fail, the Government is often given the mandate to be the Parent. And Pastors? They are often tempted to want to rule their churches and society like Presidents. And Presidents?  Instead of seeking to keep order and justice, they would rather pontificate from podiums about morals, as if they were Pastors. The net result; instead of the Church morally shaping the Government, the Government attempts to shape the Church - conflict erupts. When the Family stops giving mercy and love to those in need, it allows the Government to meddle in Families - conflict erupts. And finally, instead of Pastors casting forgiveness, they swing a sword - conflict erupts.  

And so it can be said that Parents are neither Pastors nor Presidents. And Pastors? They are not Parents or Presidents. And Presidents are certainly not Pastors or Parents.  

However, Pastors are Pastors; Presidents are Presidents; Parents are Parents - each with their separate spheres, yet all functioning for the sustainment of society with mercy, love, order, justice, morals, and forgiveness.

To the point, stay in your lanes. Fulfill your callings. Be at peace while you live with mercy, love, order, justice, morals, and forgiveness that flow from the Family, Government, and Church.

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