My Old Man Proverbs

The things my Kids and Confirmation Students hear all the time:
  1. The issue is typically not the issue.
  2. Be cautious of simple solutions, for people are not simple and life under the sun is highly complex and messy.
  3. Life under the sun is tough, do not make it tougher by being stupid.
  4. 'Perception' is not reality; it is, though, if you are not grounded in reality.
  5. Much of modern marketing is aimed at stirring discontentment to create covetous hearts that will buy a bill of goods.
  6. When you are faced with the metaphoric fork in the road, you don't have to immediately choose one over the other.  Instead, go down both roads to explore before making a decision.
  7. When pressed by another person to give a yes or no answer, pause first and ask, "Do they have the right to ask me this question in the first place?  Do I even need to respond?" 
  8. Concerning character, we often talk about that which we struggle with the most.
  9. Keep in mind that a bad question will often yield a bad answer; therefore, there is such a thing as a 'stupid question.'
  10. Behind every defensive spirit, you typically find a person's idol.
  11. Beware of befriending people who cannot laugh at themselves or their mistakes, for this is evidence of their insecure and inflated egos. 
  12. The greatest need of a person is not money, sex, or power but the desire to be right.
  13. When you find yourself anxious in a conflict, remember that others in the same conflict are feeling the same anxiety as you are, if not more.    
  14. Understanding must precede criticism; listening must precede talking. Only fools criticize and speak without first understanding and listening.
  15. Meaning is not found in reaching towards the grand fireworks of life but in the quiet vocations we are placed in.
  16. The best place to find a future bride is in a library, church, or the produce aisle of a grocery store.
  17. Contrary to popular opinion, love is not an emotional spark, as demonstrated in Soap Operas or Hallmark Movies, but rather, love is sacrificial - it is deep and grows over decades.
  18. Sacrificial love is most profoundly seen in the family: we die to ourselves so that we might die (in service) to our spouse, so that spouses might die to their children so that children - in adult age - might die to their elderly parents.
  19. Don't go to church to give God your best for you have nothing to give, but instead, go to church to receive God's best in Christ.
  20. Things often look better in the morning.
  21. The main job of a pastor is to prepare you for death.

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