The Root Problem Of Mass Shootings

A fundamental root problem of mass shootings - that scares the hell out of most people - is that there is an uncontrollable darkness within the human heart that not only de-humanizes individuals but also wants to watch the world burn. Indeed, the human heart is hopelessly dark, deceitful, and evil - it is anarchically bent on destruction, power, and the pursuit of self-gratification. It is like a puzzle that no one can figure out.

But we like to have things figured out. We want to tame the heart so that we do not have to sleep with one eye open at night.

And so, we shift blame to the symptoms of the heart rather than the condition of the heart. While we may be correct in our assignment of blame to an outward symptom and while our attempts at curbing a symptom may grant us peace of mind and temporary relief, we must keep in mind that we have only confronted a symptom - not the condition.

But what of the condition? We all must have the fortitude to look into the dark abyss of our hearts to see that our hearts are like an incurable evil disease. We must have the valor to cry, "Lord have mercy on me! Lord have mercy on my neighbors!"

And the Lord does have mercy, for He is the one who came as light into the darkness. Jesus came to be made sin - darkness - so that in Him we might be cast into the radiant beams of Light. Christ not only looked into the dark abyss of humanities' evil but walked into that very darkness, where He said, "It is finished."

May the Light of the Gospel shine into our hearts causing darkness to flee. May the Lord create in us a clean heart; remove our dark hearts. May we not be cast away from the Lord's radiant presence. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

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