Nothing To Bring To God

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."  
- Matthew 5:3

How strange are the laws which operate in the Kingdom of God!  Take, for instance, this one, stated by Jesus Himself: "Blessed are the poor."  

No one is more fearful of applying the word 'blessed' to themselves than the poor in spirit, and that for the very reason of their poverty. They have 'nothing' to bring to God by which they may be declared blessed.  They will not point to their experiences.  Their sorrow over sin is far too feeble; they cannot bring Him even a tear shed from a heart, that is wholly clean.  They are ashamed of their sanctification. Their prayers are much too feeble and unworthy.  Their own good works they do not see.  They have utterly nothing to present to Him.  

And yet Jesus declares: "Blessed are you."  Blessed, happy, wealthy - yes, the Kingdom of Heaven itself is yours.  

But woe to the rich, those who are so occupied with their Christianity, their prayers, their fullness of spirit, their works, that they forget Him!  Woe unto you; you are sufficient unto yourselves.

In the Kingdom of God, the poorest is the wealthiest; the humblest is the greatest; and he who is least satisfied and least occupied with himself is the most blessed.  

Taken from: Fredrik Wisloff, Rest A While, tr. J. Melvin Moe (Nordstrand Books 1963, Oslo, Norway), 30. 

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