Believe The Word; Overlook The Preacher

Those who believe the message on account of the one preaching it aren't believing the Word. Neither do they believe in God through the Word. Instead, they believe in the preacher. As a result, their faith doesn't endure. 

Those who believe the Word overlook the one who is preaching it. They don't honor the Word because of the person. On the contrary, they honor the person because of the Word. They never place the person higher than the Word. If the preacher is ruined, falls from faith, or begins preaching a different message, the believers would rather let go of the preacher than give up the Word. They would stick with the Word regardless of the person involved or the situation. 

This is the true difference between genuine and human faith. Human faith is always attached to the person. It believes, trusts, and honors the Word because of the one who speaks it. On the other hand, genuine faith clings to the Word, which is God himself. Genuine faith believes, trusts, and honors the Word because of what it is, not who said it. Faith so strongly senses that the Word is true that no one can tear it away - not even the same preacher who first brought it.  

- Martin Luther (AE 52:32)

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