The Apologetic of Infant Baptism with Christians Opposed To It - Part Four

Host Rev. Rod Zwonitzer and guest Rev. Dr. Matt Richard (Zion Lutheran Church, Gwinner, North Dakota) talk about how opponents to Infant Baptism typically hold Platonic inclinations towards Baptism; synergism vs. monergism; Material vs. Spiritual; Outside of us vs. Inside of us; the dilemma of Believer’s Baptism vs. The Comfort of Sacramental Baptism.

This conversation with Rod was very enjoyable and was Part Four of our conversation on this most excellent topic.  (You can access Part One of this conversation by CLICKING HERE, Part Two of this conversation by CLICKING HERE, and Part Three of this conversation by CLICKING HERE.)  We covered a lot of ground and did so in a fun conversational style.  Thus, enjoy the program as you learn about the precious doctrine of Baptism and learn about the reasons why some reject it:

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Articles Mentioned in the Podcasts:
Why Evangelicals Struggle With Infant Baptism: The Platonic Connection  

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