Six Sermons On The Law

At Zion Lutheran Church, we just completed a Six-Part Lent Series on God's ten words for us as expressed in the Ten Commandments.  We focused on how the Lord protects his gifts through these divine and good commandments.  The audio and manuscripts for these sermons can be accessed at the links below.  Enjoy!

Part 1: Commandments One and Two
Forgiveness for the Unholy Trinity of 'Me, Myself, and I"

Part 2: Commandment Three
It Isn't About Entertainment or Spiritual Jumping Jacks, But About Hearing The Lord's Word

Part 3: Commandment Four
The Gift of the Fourth Commandment

Part 4: Commandments Five and Eight
Forgiveness for Murderous Hearts and Slandering Tongues

Part 5: Commandment Six
Protection and Forgiveness for the Gifts of Marriage and Sex

Part 6: Commandments Seven, Nine, and Ten
Forgiveness for Eyes That Grow Hands

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