I Like Books; A Reading List For Lutherans

Do you like books?  I like books.  

The challenge with books though, is that there are so many with so little time.  Therefore, it could be said that the ultimate challenge is not necessarily having the time to read books but trying to narrow down 'which books' to read.  Like the importance of asking the right kind of questions, there is also a need to filter through the plethora of books before us to the right kind of books.

But how does one filter through all the myriad of volumes before us at the local library or on Amazon.com?  

Thankfully, Gene Edward Veith has just prepared a quality, lay-friendly, book list that will stretch and shape the Lutheran mind.  The books are neatly categorized, along with markings to categorize the ease or difficulty of each book.  So, be encouraged!  There is an organized and great list of books awaiting to be read by you!  

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