How Do We View Christianity?

The following material is a compilation of pithy theological quotes that have been gathered over the past several years from conversations, various books, and pastoral encounters.  These pithy quotes have been adapted and organized into approximately 37 different doctrinal subjects.  Each doctrinal subject though, presents two opposing theological views laid forth as ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B.’  Furthermore, connected to each subject, there are Biblical References listed to allow the reader the chance to discern which plan is correct in light of scripture.
Take time to compare ‘Plan A’ with ‘Plan B.’ As previously stated, ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B’ present two different views of the Christian faith.  Even though only a few words are changed in each plan, you will most likely see that they present two very different perspectives of the Christian faith.  Therefore, as you compare ‘Plan A’ with ‘Plan B,’ you may scratch your head while pondering which plan is right and which one is wrong.  While you are scratching your head, you will likely be driven to want to resolve this tension (which is good).  Therefore, in order to resolve which plan is Biblically right and which one is wrong, Bible references have been listed above the pithy quotes to allow you, the reader, to view both of the plans in light of scripture.  Keep in mind though, by turning to the scriptures one may also encounter a new problem.  In other words, as you examine the scriptures you will not only find yourself concluding which plan is correct, but you may find the scriptures conflicting with your prior accepted knowledge on each subject.   
Enjoy this little exercise as it illustrates and brings about what is technically called a ‘worldview conflict’ and an ‘epistemological crisis.’  Lord willing, through this little exercise the Word will either confirm your theological views or gently correct your theological views on the following subjects.  

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