Law And Gospel In The Life Of The Christian

If you’re looking for a heavy dose of guilt and shame, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Does your struggle with sin ever cause you to question your salvation? Is there an area of your life that is totally out of control? Has the perfect standard of God’s law brought you to the brink of despair?

Take heart. You are not alone. The conflict between law and grace has permeated Christendom for centuries and continues on to this day. The acrid smoke rising from the battlefield has even clouded the minds of some Christians to seriously contemplate; “Is Christ’s death enough to save even a sinner such as me?”

Dr. Rosenbladt’s presentation Law and Gospel (see below) is a much needed breeze of fresh air that will fill your soul with hope as it gently propels you toward the crisp horizon of grace. You will be inspired to quit looking at what you have done wrong and get back to the only One who can get you out of it: Christ. You will gain new insights into your struggle between simultaneously being justified, yet sinful. You will come to appreciate that there is still hope, even when things are not going very well.

So if you or a friend are among the battle worn and weary, know this; there is still hope. Here you will find rest as you are reminded that Christ’s death is enough to save even a Christian. Be rescued and blessed as the sufficiency of Christ reigns victorious over your sin and Christian failures. Is God’s grace sufficient for you? Of course it is.

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